Telepost in Balkans

Welcome to Telepost

Telepost is a pneumatic tubes company founded in 1980 at Athens, Greece. For more than 30 years, the pneumatic tube system has proven its worth in contemporary and successfully run businesses.

The international network of Telecom confirms the worldwide recognition of its systems. In Greece, for the installation of its systems, Telecom has chosen Telepost as its exclusive partner. Of course this choice wasn’t made at random. Certified with H.M.S., Telepost, with its 30-year experience, is one of the first companies in Greece that installed the pneumatic tube system and with the quality of the work it provides, it has deservingly won the trust of the Greek market.

Pneumatic (or air) tube systems transfer with the use of air through tubes, fast and in a safe way, classified documents, money, small objects and various samples –liquid or solid– from floor to floor, from one point to the other, or even between buildings standing apart from each other by the use of underground or aerial tubes.

Pneumatic tube high-speed transfer systems are used in various companies, hospitals, industries, supermarkets, and banks. Generally speaking, the system functions and has excellent results in almost any kind of demanding workplace. It can have an indefinite number of connections and can also be adjusted so that it covers any kind of special needs. The distances that can be served are almost indefinite and objects that weight 0,5 up to 10 kg can be transferred in tubes with a diameter of 6 to 50 cm.

It has been accredited that the air tube system is one of the many cases when technology becomes a valuable tool in the service of man. An air tube system liberates the staff from the work load pressure by reducing transfer time to only a few seconds. It also saves them time, effort and money by minimizing pointlessly wasted time.

Our mission is to offer the best products in the market at the lowest possible price without sacrificing quality.
Our philosophy is to always put the customer first. We want to have not just satisfied customers but real gainers.
Our promise is that you will be more than satisfied with our products and services. And we always keep our promises, as our customers can assure you.
Our aim is quality and reliability! Our enemy is deceit and indifference!