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Air Tube Systems

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Pneumatic tube systems are systems for the fast transfer (6m/sec)

of documents, money and objects by means of air, through piping.


The transfer of blood, medicines and tests takes place rapidly. The nursing staff is freed from the pressure of work and is more concerned with patients.


Frequent and fast transfer of money from the cash desks to the safe during the day without you abandoning your post. Greater security and avoidance of possible thefts and injuries.


Orders, invoices and papers are transferred rapidly. No need to get up from your desk every now and then to transfer documents; everything is done automatically.


Wherever there are long distances and frequent transportations, the pneumatic tube systems transport to you anything you need. By connecting the various interaction places in a warehouse, you can immediately observe the difference in organization and speed.


The transportation of chemical samples at the laboratory from the production takes place. The pneumatic tube systems function perfectly in places with a lot of dust, heat, cold and generally in “inhospitable” environment. They can connect buildings and travel for kilometers.


When it comes to the frequent transportation of lab samples to the laboratory in order to be tested, the air tube system is the best way to avoid wasting your time and interrupting your production.

Body Shops

A customer card changes hands and places quite often in a body shop. Thus, the spare parts department should interact frequently with the cashier during the day. Let’s make it easier with pneumatic tube systems!


Some shops have to protect their earnings because some malicious people are tempted to steal the money inside the cash register. Protect your earnings smartly with pneumatic tube systems!


Pharmacies usually have many small items and a little space. Pneumatic tube systems are used for the descending of the items from the loft or the warehouse without you having to go up and down every day!

Petrol Stations

When you stay late collecting money, you become a target! You can keep your earnings safe throughout the day with a simple pneumatic tube system!

Craft Industries

Time is money and there is no time to waste for craft industries! When things are to be delivered immediately, then the solution is only one; the pneumatic tube systems can be applied to speed up all of the procedures.


Let us know about any kind of pneumatic tube system you can imagine and we can create it! For Telepost EVERYTHING is doable and we also take into account that our systems worth their money.

With TELEPOST Air Tube Systems the Benefits are multiple

What our customers say about us:

“Despite our reservations about the time we would gain, after 3 years of uninterrupted function of the system, it has now become an essential tool for the smooth functioning of the working positions.”
Petros Handrinos, ΙΝΟΜΑΚ ΑΒΕΕ
“Our company has used the air tube systems for many years, so all our internal transportations take place safely, quickly and without any bother. With this letter we would like to praise TELEPOST for our beneficial cooperation.”
Demis Papasotiriou, WURTH
“We cooperate with Telepost for six years and it is an excellent partner, reliable and trustworthy. The system operates 24 hours every day all those years without any problem and has helped us immeasurably in our internal transportations saving plenty of effort, time and money. The cooperation of the hospital with the company regarding
construction, installation and operation of the system is excellent.”
Konstantinos Gizimis, LIVADEIA HOSPITAL
“In the flow of my work, I had two transportation problems: 1. Samples of up to 1800 grams to be transferred from a distance of 80 meters. 2. Samples and other objects to be transferred from the ground floor to the first floor. By coincidence I remembered that I had seen the air tube system at some laboratory. I got Mr. KAZARIAN’s number and in a few days I had the system installed. It’s been four years now and it works just fine. In short, the system has saved me!”
George Labropoulos, KIMET HELLAS
Increase in speed of internal communications by 500%.
More safety for your personnel.
Less wear and delay at the elevators.
Avoiding annoying visits at your workplace.
Relief of daily walking.
Impressive innovation for your company.
Increased production.
Avoiding bad weather conditions.